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Trading the Over 1.5 Goals Market

We find that this form of trading is so much easier than trading on the over 2.5 goals market. You can secure a profit far quicker and easier and that is why we are sharing this system with you… FREE! It really is that simple…

Over 1.5 GoalsTrading the Over 1.5 Goals

The great part of this system is that we will only be placing the bets IN PLAY. No setting up beforehand. This won’t suit people who have to go to work and who are busy bees, but if you’re going to have the opportunity to sit at your computer all day long (or when the games are being played) then you are in a good position for this system.
You don’t want to back the Over 1.5 goals market before the game because the odds are simply sh*t! Sorry for being so blunt, but they are. Backing at 1.3 gives you little opportunity for a trade and when you can, your profit will be pennies.
If the odds start on 1.25 then after 15 mins they will generally hit 1.45 and then after 30 mins you will see them hitting 1.8. If the game goes a whole half with no goals, then you will usually see the odds touching beyond 2.0.
Remember, the longer you old out, the greater your profit will be. You want to back the Over 1.5 Goals market in the 40th minute, approximately.
Now it’s time to play the waiting game… Yes… BORING! You need to wait for a goal to be scored. As soon as a goal is scored, you will see the odds drop hugely, generally hitting the 1.45 mark again. This is the PERFECT position for trading out and greening up. You want that goal to come sooner rather than later as the later into the game it is scored, the less they will drop and therefore your profit is reduced.
How to pick a game to trade! 
Check the statistics. If the last five or six matches have produced over 2.5 goals for both teams or at least the home team, bet on it.
So this is what you do:
1. Find a game using the criteria above
2. Wait until the 40th minute and back the over 1.5 goals PROVIDED that no goals have been scored.
3. Trade out as soon as a goal is scored.
4. Repeat.
What if a goal is scored in the first 10-15mins? Then you could consider backing the under 1.5 goals if the odds are 8.5 or greater. Wait for 15mins or so and then trade out by laying lower provided that no more goals are scored. This is a risky strategy as if a second goal is scored then it is IMPOSSIBLE to profit and almost IMPOSSIBLE to trade out for a smaller loss.

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  1. So you bet on over 1.5goal about 40minut of game? Then one of team score goal and you do cashout,if i understand? Thank you